About Corey Ribotsky

Corey Ribotsky is a full-time artist living in New York City. A member of the Artist Society of New York since 2007, he is the recipient of numerous awards and juried honors. His work is found in many private and corporate collections throughout the United States and overseas.

Throughout his creative journey, Ribotsky has continually shaped and refined his artistic talents. He pursued his artistic education at New York University, immersing himself in the study of art and expanding his knowledge of various artistic techniques. His time at NYU provided him with a strong foundation in fine arts and fueled his ongoing exploration and growth as an artist.

Corey S Ribotsky is well known for his inspiring painting and drawing workshops. In New York, Corey has conducted many workshops over the years. Working with artists of all skill levels and facilitating the process of learning is something he enjoys. His workshops include demonstrations, critiques, and individual instruction. During the workshop, artists are taught new techniques, encouraged to experiment, and encouraged to improve their knowledge of design principles to apply to their paintings.


Corey’s Artwork and Creative Process

Corey Ribotsky has been painting in acrylics, oil and watercolor for more than 14 years. He has always been fascinated by color and the way subtle value changes can transform a flat plane into a three-dimensional object. He is continually drawn to the “language” of watercolor, the way the pigment flows over the paper and how it can either explode with vigor or blend slowly with a wet to dry technique.

The North Atlantic and New York are frequently depicted in Corey’s paintings. Color and light are hallmarks of his increasingly popular work as well as his ability to create intensity in any medium. To accomplish this, he relies on extreme light and shadow.  His paintings emphasize color, shape, value, and light, inviting viewers to see the subject from a unique perspective.

Corey’s paintings are inspired by his love of nature. Having a deep love for nature, he is most inspired by the ocean. Corey Ribotsky is fascinated by the variety of materials that can be used in abstract art.  By experimenting with this technique, he is able to create new paintings.

Corey S Ribotsky’s artwork is characterized by his acute observational skills and a profound connection to the natural world. With a deep affinity for animals and a fascination with the concept of survival, he delves into the intricacies and complexities of nature. Through his art, Ribotsky meticulously captures the essence of his subjects, inviting viewers to experience the beauty and fragility of the natural world in a thought-provoking and evocative manner. His work serves as a powerful reminder of the delicate balance between humanity and the environment, inspiring a sense of appreciation and environmental consciousness.

Education and Recognition

Corey S Ribotsky is an award-winning artist known for his use of bright color and blending techniques. His works have been featured in many publications. Corey Ribotsky, who is originally from New York, studied at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, where he obtained his Master’s Degree in Fine Arts.

Upon completing his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree at New York University, Corey S Ribotsky embarked on a diverse and multi-dimensional artistic career. While initially focused on painting, Ribotsky’s artistic expression has evolved to encompass a wide range of mediums, including film, installation, performance, photography, and printmaking. This versatility allows him to explore and communicate his artistic vision from different angles, capturing the essence of his subjects in unique and compelling ways. Ribotsky’s ability to adapt his techniques to various mediums demonstrates his artistic versatility and his commitment to pushing the boundaries of his creativity.

His work hangs in public and private collections throughout the world.  Along with magazine, newspaper and television features, Corey has received numerous national awards. He is a signature member of numerous art societies, including the National Watercolor Society, The Municipal Art Society of NY, the New York Watercolor Society and regional and local groups.