Artist Corey S Ribotsky depicts the natural world with sharp observation. Through his career, he has drawn inspiration from rural Midwest landscapes as well as wooded hills and river valleys in the north. His ability to depict animals in their natural habitat shows his affinity for nature. His adoration of birds extends to their natural demeanour and survival instinct.

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Corey Ribotsky’s Artwork and why you should care

Corey S Ribotsky’s paintings are full of details and are carefully composed, as if he were photographing every aspect of his subjects. The artist also chooses to paint outdoors, so the experience is magnified by his surroundings. In addition to picturesque settings, Corey’s paintings are characterized by their strong naturalism. He influences his work by observing the world around him and by re-creating these experiences in art. Corey’s artwork is vibrant and colorful, yet it also has an almost monochromatic quality. In addition to the natural world, Corey also depicts human figures, such as people reading and lounging. His pieces can be found in private and public collections, including the Detroit Institute of Arts. Corey’s paintings are hung in homes and offices, on walls and in public spaces. Some are even collected and sold by galleries. His artwork has been featured in magazines and on billboards. He has also been invited to exhibits and conferences around the world.


How Corey Makes His Art

Corey S Ribotsky paints with acrylics on stretched canvas. He often does not create a finished piece before he has photographed it, which helps him to fully understand what his painting should look like. Once he has digitally captured the scene, he transfers it to the canvas by drawing. This process allows Corey to be fully present and to use what he sees as inspiration. Corey then goes through a process of color correction, where the computer edits the colors to compensate for the way light is reflected off the canvas. Next, he outlines the composition by painting in a black line, then he fills in the subject matter in color. He may do a few layers of paint to get the end result he is looking for. He finishes the painting by applying a coat of varnish. Scratching a painting often occurs when the varnish is being applied.


Corey Ribotsky’s Inspiration

Corey S Ribotsky’s artwork is influenced by the natural world. The artist is drawn to bucolic landscapes of the Midwest as well as wooded hills and river valleys of the north. The ability to portray animals in their natural habitat reveals his affinity with nature. In addition to birds, his adoration for them includes their natural demeanour and the desire for survival. He may capture time and place in his work by doing it en plein air, as he does with several of his pieces. One example is his painting of the sun setting behind a river valley. The painting is done in a studio, but it captures the feeling of a scene from nature.


Corey Ribotsky’s Inspiration

Corey S Ribotsky is inspired by the natural world around him and the creatures within it. He is drawn to the beauty of birds, animals, and flowers, and the shapes they form. He also enjoys the starkness of trees against the landscape and the way light catches on a stream’s surface on a sunny day. As such, his paintings are filled with these sights and subjects. In addition to nature, Corey draws inspiration from other paintings, sculptures and other images he has seen. This allows him to capture a scene or creature in a different way than it is normally portrayed.



Corey S Ribotsky is an artist who has been painting for many years. Over the years, he has honed his craft and become a fine painter. He has exhibited in one-person shows, and he has also been featured in group shows. Many of Corey’s paintings are featured in collections. Although he now lives in New York City, he was born in Detroit and studied art at New York University. Even though Corey has been painting for many years, it is clear that he is still refining his craft. If you would like to see more of Corey’s artwork, you can visit one of his online galleries.

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